Wine Bottle Wednesday

Wine Bottle Wednesday

Wine Bottle Wednesday is an easy way of having your wine bottles photographed. You can by-pass the whole checking for availability/booking process as we’re shooting bottles every week.

It’s very simple: send your bottles to the studio anytime, we’ll photograph them on the following Wednesday and you’ll receive your images that Friday

The photos will come exactly how you need them – white background, complimentary vintage removal versions and transparent background copies too (graphic designers will love you!).

If you have a “mission impossible” deadline to meet, we sure can solve that for you. If not, Wine Bottle Wednesday is the most economical way to have your bottle images done. 

We’re happy to photograph your whole wine range, or top-up your existing images with that special new release. It’s all possible and happens every Wednesday.

PS. Let us know your bottles are coming so we’re ready for you 🙂

Need some images of your bottles? We would love to hear from you!

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