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Wine bottle photography for Castelli Estate Wines

It’s been all about wine bottle photography in the studio this week.

Our favourites being 2 new bottles from Castelli Estate Wines… a 2014 Iced Viognier and a 2014 Pinot Noir.

The labels on these bottles are stunning so we needed to pay special attention to highlight the detail and intricacies in both the design and the printing.

We find with wine bottle photography, there is no generic setup that works perfectly for all bottles. We are always evolving, tweaking and perfecting the lighting for each bottle so they look their best.

Matt talks to us about what makes a great wine bottle photo…

There were 2 components to this shoot….

White Background

First was white background bottle images. Clean and sharp wine bottle photos on pure white backgrounds are perfect for your website, retailers, magazine articles, wine lists, cellar door tasting notes and also to use across your social media. Here are the 2 images we created…





And then we got to get our creative on. There were no rules or brief to follow, the goal was simply to create a stunning high quality image of the Iced Viognier that would be valuable for print & online marketing.

We chose to really focus in on the label so you can clearly see all the juicy detail. We also photographed the bottle on a dark timber background to create atmosphere and a feeling to the image. Here is it…


We never tire from photographing wine bottles. Each bottle is unique and each label presents new opportunities to finesse the lighting and improve our skills.

It’s a good day in the studio!