Why Use Creative Product Photography?

Creative Product Photography and On-White Product Shots

We are going to teach you about creative product photography and on white product shots today.

Let’s imagine you are driving to work one morning and you stop at the traffic lights. You then glance over to your left and see a billboard on the side of the road.

On this billboard is a picture of a Corona bottle. The bottle is nestled in an awesome beach setting, half buried in sand under a beautiful golden sunset sky and with a cracking view of the ocean in the background.

Your mind then may drift back to a memory involving fun times had on the beach with friends linked to that Corona bottle. This may inspire you fire up that long-overdue summer BBQ with friends… and some beers.

Now let’s imagine you are stopped at the same traffic lights and to your left is the same Corona billboard. Except this time, there is no sand or beach in the backdrop, just simply the same bottle on a white background.

You may be thinking to yourself that you could really enjoy one of those Coronas right now, and make a mental note to pick one up from the store later on.

The only thing different about these two billboards is the setting for the product shot. So why did they both evoke such different thoughts? Let us explain.

You may already know the product setting plays a very important role. This is what we like to call the product shot on white vs creative difference. One is not better than the other; they both have roles to play in marketing your products.


What is a creative product shot & when to use?

When it’s time to connect people emotionally with your product, it’s time to get creative. If you want to sell an idea, feeling or aspiration you use creative product photography.

A creative product shot is when we draw on more than just the product. When were taking a photo it becomes more about the setting, the context, the environment, the background textures, the other props … anything that adds the right emotion and leaves the viewer feeling the way you want them to feel.

This could be as simple as placing that fresh juice on a rustic timber surface through to a fully styled shot with a ton of props (half cut oranges, orange tree leaves, orchard in the background, farmers hands, sun shining through leaves… the possibilities are endless).

Creative images are perfect for advertising campaigns, website banners, print marketing collateral and social media. They add emotion and personality to your product image.

We do love to pull on those heart strings and evoke a response.


What is an on-white product shot & when to use?

When a customer is ready to buy and needs to choose which one, you use an on-white photo. (There are always exceptions to this but this is a general rule).

An on-white product shot is when a product has been placed on a white background. On-white’s primary function is to communicate exactly what the product is with absolutely no distractions, just 100% detail.

When scrolling through a list of products to buy on a website, you want this to be as easy as possible for your customers. If the shots are all heavily styled with props, each one may individually look amazing, but the page can be very busy so difficult to easily browse the range.

You will find this is the favoured choice for e-commerce websites, print catalogues or brochures.

The on-white product shots are also incredibly flexible for your designer to work with and incorporate into different applications.

So now that we know what each is and what they are used for, let’s go through some product shot examples so it sticks. Yay!!


Creative & On-White Product Shot Examples

Orange Juice

Creative Product Photography- 1

There is such a refreshing and energizing feeling looking at the image. The sliced oranges, green leaves and vibrant colour are all part of this feeling. This creative product photography image is ideal for a full page magazine ad, social media, or any advertising campaigns.

On White Product Shots -1

This image is showing exactly what you get, a delicious bottle of orange juice. Suited for your e-commerce websites, print catalogues or brochures.


Creative Product Photography-2

Okay let’s try another. These pizzas look mouth-watering. The creative setting is the reason why. When you want potential customers to suddenly feel hungry and crave a pizza, this is a great option. This image would be strong for your advertising campaigns, social media, billboards or website banners. Once again if you want to sell an idea, feeling or aspiration, go creative.

On White Product Shots -2

When it’s time to choose which cake to order, this is the image you want to see on the website. It gives you a complete idea of what you are about to order. The image would work perfectly on your e-commerce store.


Creative Product Photography-3

When we took this image it was all about creating a setting to allow the fire opal jewellery piece to pop. The darker background and warm tones of the organic timber helped to showcase the pendant. This type of creative product photography image is very well suited for website banners, print marketing material, social media or billboards.

On White Product Shots - 3


Now when it comes time to buying the fire opal pendant, you need a good clear look at the piece. You wish to see the detail and dimensions of the product. Here we use an on-white shot which is exactly what you want to see on an e-commerce website, in a print catalogue or brochure.


Creative Product Photography- 4

Rocky Road wine on a background of rocks. This image was created playing on the title of the wine. This photo would be more interesting in your social media feeds than a standard on-white bottle shot. It would also be perfect in an advertising campaign, a website banner and your print marketing materials.

On White Product Shots - 4

The shot every wine bottle needs. These are the pictures you see in Food magazines with reviews, on tasting notes and liquor store ads. This photography style also works well on e-commerce websites.

We are really hoping you now have a better understanding of creative product photography and on white product shots, and when to use each option.

We would be more than happy to answer any creative product photography questions you may have about your business, just contact us to chat more.