Perth Product Photography - Props

Prop Library

Meet our ever-growing collection of photography props!

We love using various surfaces, kitchenware, bits and pieces as elements to complement the subject we are photographing.

Props well-used will put your product forward.


Cutting boards, rustic pieces of wood, papers and fabrics are easy ways to add layers and give lovely textures to an image.

Flat, scrunch, or layered up, these materials can add an extra depth to the scene and create beautiful effects.


Food scenes just beg for cutlery!

That special fork, or knife with character, can be just the element needed to put the finishing touch on an image.

Plates & Bowls

Even the simplest thing like the choice of bowl can be high impact in an image.

Not all bowls are created equal. Not all products are equal. So as you can imagine, over the years we’ve sourced and collected quite the range.

We find ourselves constantly digging through the options to find that perfect look.


Glasses for every occasion!

Having to choose from a wide variety of glassware makes the job much more fun and effective. Whether it’s an elegant, fun, quirky or stylish scene needed, our collection of glassware has you covered!

Cocktail glasses, water glasses, juice glasses, coffee mugs, tea cups, margarita glasses, beer glasses and wine glasses… did we mention we love glasses!