A Model Casting Call

Model Casting Fun In The Studio

Happy 2017! We are pumped for the year ahead.

We decided to kick off the fresh new year with a female model casting call to update our talent books!


How the day unfolded

We got in touch with several Perth based model agencies and organised a casting day. We requested two categories. The first was ‘In Development’ and the second was ‘Women.’ The more variety we can provide to our clients the better.

Through the studio doors came 15 beautiful women, each with individual looks.

The girls arrived with minimal makeup and a bikini to allow for a natural base in their images. This helps us vision what is achievable with each model.

We started by photographing each girl with a full body front and back shot. This allowed us to watch their movement in front of the camera and get a sense of how they photograph on the big screen.

casting call


At the end of the day

We then snapped a portrait of each wonderful lady to have on file as a reference and reminder of the casting.

When we glance through each portfolio, it gives us a great sense of the different and unique looks each girl can pull off! One girl might be perfect for sportswear whilst another may be better suited to beauty. Each girl has their own individual look and strength.

Identifying these strengths allows us to select the perfect criteria for our clients. These selections are crucial for Fashion Campaigns or Lookbook Photography to help portray a brands style in the best way possible.

Ecommerce imagery is something we shoot frequently. Whether in the studio or on location, it is imperative to use models that will move well and know how to work the camera.

It was certainly a busy day of meeting and greeting all these lovely ladies.

We casted a strong variety of girls throughout the day and are very much looking forward to shooting more exciting on-model and fashion photography this year. Happy times ahead!

Successful female casting call done! Now bring on the males!

casting call