Lucca Swimwear

Introducing Lucca Swimwear

We had an absolute blast working with Lucca Swimwear! We felt so privileged to photograph the very first collection for this startup brand.

Our job was to create a marketing image library from the ground up to showcase all the magic this brand has. Using a simple yet sophisticated approach, we created timeless imagery ensuring the client was ready to launch into the marketplace.

We provided Lucca Swim with an 8-page campaign, a Lookbook, social media content and a full range of on white Ecommerce imagery.



Our Brief

We created minimalist contemporary images to showcase the brands craftsmanship and technical innovation.

Showing all aspects of a product is an extremely important factor of e-commerce sales. To give the customer the best overall experience of the product, we shot the swimwear flat as well as on-body.

This gives our clients maximum flexibility for their products and how they wish to use them.

Showing the front, back, details and features, we get a true feel for each garment and allow the customer to have confidence in their purchase. These are the simple Ecommerce shots that will help sell a product within an online store.



The Lucca Swimwear Lookbook

Lookbook’s are a great way to showcase a collection of products together.  They tend to differ a lot depending on the brand itself. For Lucca Swimwear, we wanted to convey a slight movement adding to the freshness of the brand and allowing the colours and designs to pop. We wanted the Lookbook to tie in with the simplicity of the campaign and ensure the images hang well side by side.



Lucca Swim 754


For the campaign imagery, we choose to shoot against an off-white seamless backdrop with a bold shadow statement. We added accessories to make the product relatable and help portray that Lucca Swim style.

We absolutely love to see our finished images in use and seeing how our clients creatively reveal them!  Lucca Swim have done a beautiful job with their website. Check it out here.

It was an amazing day full of energy and collaboration! From the pre-production through to styling, photographing and talent directing our team worked with the Lucca Swim brand to develop the concept and produce the outcome.

Check out some behind the scenes action shots below.



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