Are you our next Photography Stylist?

This role is about creating a positive feeling from nothing for a brand or product … so that we can capture it in a photo or video for a Client’s marketing.  

In this role you:

  • Have a conversation with a client
  • Take what they don’t know how to put into words
  • Source props, talent and locations or go into the studio
  • Work with our photographers in a photoshoot to product images like these:
Perth Product Photography - Face Halo

Face Halo

Perth Product Photography - Sodashi


Perth Product Photography - Health Freak

Health Freak

Perth Product Photography - Ruby Watkins

Ruby Watkins

Perth Product Photography - Izabela Felinski

Izabela Felinski

Perth Product Photography - EFM


Perth Product Photography - Ella Bella

Ella Bella

Perth Product Photography - Conscious Candle Co

Conscious Candle Co.

Perth Product Photography - Seven Seas

Seven Seas

Perth Product Photography - Scissor Tech

Scissor Tech

  • It’s not a role to hide in. You lead projects.
  • If you’re not communicating visually, you’re communicating with people.  In person, on the phone and via Zoom or Skype. You’re flat out communicating.
  • You’re likely Pinterest obsessed, so what’s popping and what may be next is front of mind.
  • You know Instagram and can happily style our feed – HERE 
  • Teamwork is your dream work.

If this sounds like you, please make contact and show us what you’re interested in. 

We’re picture people so feel free to keep words to a minimum. We’d love to see your Portfolio if you have one, and if you don’t then show us what you dream of doing in this role.

We look forward hanging out and getting to know you!

Casual role to start on 11 Jan 2021  I  Applications close Fri 11 Dec 2020

If you see yourself as this person, please send us a message below and include your portfolio of work or your vision for this role.


  • Max. file size: 250 MB.