COVID-19 – Studio shoots over the coming weeks

Quite the unusually official message from me!

In light of COVID-19 and the uncertainty ahead, we thought we’d give you an update.

We’re following all the health guidelines and also making sure that only essential visitors come to the studio.

As the rate of confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues to increase in WA, efforts to slow the rate of infection down relies on everyone doing their part and so today we’re writing to let you know what we’re doing for our part.

In response to the distancing guidelines by the Federal Government we have decided on the following policy effective immediately.

  • 2 clients max in the studio at the same time
  • Everyone entering our building has followed the long list of prerequisites that have been provided by the Government in terms of travel, contact and isolation.

This is a trust thing, we’ll do our part and we trust you will do the same so we can protect the healthy environment at the studio for all those who visit and interact with us.

The good news is, we remain open and ready to create the imagery you need keep your ecommerce business humming!

Good luck out there and sing out if you have any questions.

Talk soon

Matt and the team