Fashion Photography

Photos That Flaunt Your Fashion

To capture the essence of style, you need specialists who understand form,
shape and the way a garment falls.

We offer a range of high quality photography styles to best display your fashion creations. Choose from flat lay, on mannequin, invisible mannequin or on body. In every case we have proven expertise in conveying the feeling and the fluidity of the outfits presented.

Our photography sessions can be managed and directed in our fully equipped studio or at your business location. We can also help you source suitable models to provide your images with that final professional edge.

All images will be supplied in high-resolution (for eye-popping print, brochures, catalogues and signage) and low-resolution (for speedy loading websites, e-commerce stores, social media and email newsletters).

For high quality photos of your garments no matter where you are in Australia, call us on (08) 9467 4330 or click here to email

Useful information & frequently asked questions


The photographs we take for your business are perfect for all your marketing needs. Whether that’s advertising, brochures, catalogues, websites, or business marketing collateral. All images are of the highest quality and completely versatile, so you get maximum return on investment.

What is a high resolution photo?

A high-resolution photo is a larger sized image that is required for sharp, high quality printing. High-resolution photos also have a large file size and are generally too big to email, but look stunning when printed.

What is a low resolution photo?

A low-resolution photo is smaller in size and therefore more suitable for website and email use. The smaller the image, the smaller the file size and therefore the faster your website will load. If you’re using SEO as an online marketing strategy, website speed is an important factor that search engines use to rank website pages. We will supply you with both versions of every image we take, so you can use them either online or in high quality print publications, whichever you wish.

Image Licenses & Agreements

All images taken are yours to use, for any purpose you want, forever.


What our clients say

Anna Malovka


High quality professional photography makes an e-commerce site and I couldn't be happier with the results. Having just launched my site I've been asking for feedback on it and the first thing anybody says is how great the photos look! High quality product photos is the best investment you can make for a new business and Matt did an amazing job

Nicci Workum

Nicci's Smalls

I worked with Matt to produce product images for my retail website. Matt was generous with his time in planning the best approach, ensuring that we developed a system that could be used into the future aswell as for the initial photo shoot. The photo shoot went really smoothly and I was impressed with Matt's attention to detail on the day and in finalising the images. Matt's friendly approach and generosity with advice has made working with him a pleasure. I would highly recommend Perth Product Photography.

Melissa Molinari

Adorable Aprons

As a new business owner, finding the right person to take photos of my clothing range was a huge decision for me. After speaking with Matt and hearing his ideas, the choice was made easy.

It was such a pleasure working with Matt, in a very friendly but professional atmosphere. Nothing was too much trouble and his ability to understand my needs and work with me, was fantastic. The end process was exactly what I was after.

I would highly recommend Perth Product Photography to anyone seeking professional photography for any reason. Matt will now be part of my business contacts and I will continue to use his services in the future.

Rachel McRae


The team at Perth Product Photography couldn't be more helpful and accommodating to the very stylised photo shoot I had in mind. The quality of the photography is fantastic and represents the quality of my product - high end footwear. I deliberated over hiring a studio out and taking the shots myself but as time was a factor I made the decision to use Perth Product Photography - a decision I am very happy for. I needed to do the shoot as soon as possible and Perth Product Photography were very accommodating. The high quality photography I could not had done myself.

The premises is very professional and well fitted out. Henry the photographer was so easy to work with, offered great suggestions.

Overall I was extremely happy, I would highly recommend them and will be using them for my next photo shoot.