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Clothing Photography – Flat Style

clothing photographer perth

We just wrapped up a shoot for a new clothing brand LMB Clothing Co.

The photography style chosen, was to shoot the clothing laying flat on a surface.

There are a number of benefits to photographing clothing this way…


Bottle & beverage product photography

bottle & beverage photographer Perth

There is quite a knack to photographing bottles well. They are round, generally highly reflective and often see-through. This provides a technical challenge that must be worked out in order to get good looking bottle & beverage photographs.

Here are a sample of images from a recent photoshoot for the wonderful team at MBC Metro Beverage Co showing a range of single and group bottle shots.


Cosmetics Photography for Savoir Faire Cosmetics

Cosmetics photography perth

It’s important to achieve a high quality, sharp and glossy look for cosmetic photography. Another equally important factor is consistency. Consistent angles amongst similar products is super important to maintain a strong and professional look.

These images illustrate the important photographic ingredients…


Product packaging photography for Simmo’s Icecream

Product packaging photography

Just completed photographing the new packaging for Simmo’s Icecream. It’s always a pleasure to photograph fun and vibrant looking products… especially when they taste soooo good!

Pulling in for a Simmo’s is a bit of a ritual when heading south, so it was nice to have some of their good spirit in our studio.

If you would like professional product photography of your products, we would love to hear from you.

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Back in Dubai for GPP 2013


Well I’m fortunately back in Dubai for another week of intensive photography training by some incredible photographers from around the world.

I get to spend 3 days with Gregory Heisler who has photographed over 70 Time magazine covers and has an amazing ability to create the most striking portraits. Pretty excited about this opportunity!

The rest of the week involves workshops on corporate photography, interiors and lifestyle photography, which will be fantastic in learning new skills and techniques. Both corporate and interiors photography make up quite a component of the projects we work on so I’m always searching out how to grow in these specialties.

As well as being able to spend so much time with such experienced photographers, tapping into their knowledge, opinions and ways of working… you get to hang out with the most coolest and diverse bunch of photographers from around the world. It’s so good to catch up with friends from last year and make more this year.

Will be posting more stories from the shoots this week soon


Tea & coffee product photography for Rubra

Tea coffee product photography

Nothing like having the rich smell of roasted coffee beans woft through the studio….. mmmmmmm!

Photographing the creative labels of Rubra’s tea and coffee products is as enjoyable as the aroma.

Rubra were needing high quality and consistent product photography of their tea and coffee range to use for a range of marketing applications…


Large industrial product photography

Large Industrial Product Photographer Perth

Not all products fit nice and neatly into the boot of the car where they can be brought to our studio to be photographed.

Fortunately our studio equipment is fully mobile so we can come to your location, setup and capture high quality professional photographs of your industrial products.

Quality product photos are perfect for catalogues, company brochures, websites, product packaging and operating manuals.

Here are some examples of products taken on a recent shoot. As you can see by the above behind-the-scenes shot, it’s far from a fancy studio, yet the photos are still top class.


Video: 3 minute photographic fly-by of 2012

We have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with you this year, taking photos of your

Here is a quick vid showing some of your awesome projects that we’ve had the pleasure to work on in 2012 … enjoy!




Photography of award winning jewellery piece

We’ve just completed a photo shoot of a stunning jewellery piece by Riki Tait from Verity Jewellers.

It’s an incredible double finger ring with the most intricate workings. It blows me a way that someone can even think up this innovative design, let alone actually create it at such a high quality.

If you would like high quality photographs of your jewellery, we would love to here from you.

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Jewellery Photography




Gift hamper photography

Gift Hamper Photographer - Perth Product Photography

Just completed another gift hamper photo shoot for Just In Time Gourmet.

They have beautiful hampers and needed some updated photographs of their new hamper range for the website and email marketing.

We photographed a dozen new hampers and also captured some detail images for the website homepage banner.


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